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Our Featured Projects.

Cary Street Townhomes

This project is a 19-unit townhome new construction project located on Cary Street in Richmond, VA.

Davis Oil

Davis Oil is a commercial structure located in Prince George, VA combining an Exxon Gas Station, Wendy's and convenience store.  This is a cold-formed steel framed job with open-web bar joists.

National Speed

This project is located on Glenside Drive, Richmond, VA and required relocation of an interior steel column supporting open-web steel truss girders supporting a design load of 70,000-lbs.  Removal of the steel column required shoring of the existing structure and replacement of the column with a steel frame designed by Systematic Engineering.

In addition, cold-formed steel platforms and framing, interior steel frames for roll-up doors as well as installation of steel headers in exterior CMU walls were required for this project.



Photo Feb 19, 8 10 05 AM.jpg
AGV Coffee Beanery

As a part of the Loft Apartments, shown below, the existing Coffee Beanery was required by the city to be restored.  As a part of the restoration, the existing masonry needed to be shored so that the interior structure could be retrofitted.  As a result, Systematic Engineering was contracted to design temporary wood frmaed shoring supports so that the interior structure could be retrofitted.


Loft Apartments

Systematic Engineering is the structural engineering firm-of-record responsible for structural design of the 3-over-1 podium project with a total floor area of 44,000 square feet located in Fredericksburg, VA.  The project has a ground level parking garage with 3 levels of wood framing above a elevated concrete slab supporting the second floor.

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